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FEATURED CASE STUDY: Hottle & Associates, Inc.

In Their Own Words

“Marketing Sales Solutions was able to generate more activity for my business in one month than my salesperson did in one year. Their experience and ability to bring quality opportunities to the table is my final answer to the sales puzzle. I will continue to use and recommend them to every small business owner that wants to profitably grow their revenue.”

About Hottle & Associates

Founded in 1950, Hottle & Associates provides Engineering, Design and Drafting Services to the manufacturing industry. With a team that stays on the forefront of new technologies, their clients enjoy efficient, cost-conscious access to revolutionary new engineering and design solutions.

The Challenge
For many years, Hottle & Associates relied on word of mouth referrals to develop new clients. When Ken Haver took the helm as President and CEO in 2000, he had a strong desire to grow the company. Running a company and doing 100% of the sales was very difficult and time consuming. Marketing materials were developed and mailed to hundreds of companies, with dismal results. Then a salesperson was hired. The challenge was identifying meaningful target companies and uncovering the right people to talk to about their services. Frustrated and unable to make it happen after 3 years, the relationship ended.

The Solution
Ken consulted with Marketing Sales Solutions. He quickly developed a trust in their judgment based on their knowledge and experience. All he needed was for someone to do the initial prospecting, and he and a few team members could run the sales meetings. The solution was for Marketing Sales Solutions to develop a short list of prospects that would be an excellent fit for their skill-set, and to focus on setting appointments with the appropriate people at these companies.

The Results
Marketing Sales Solutions generated numerous appointments for Ken. Each meeting was high quality, with expectations and knowledge of Hottle & Associates clearly communicated up front. Consequently, Ken landed several excellent projects with new clients and one “Home Run” client that has taken the growth of Hottle & Associates to the next level!

Benefits Summary

  • Ken’s time can be spent doing what he does best; running his company
  • No longer spending time and money on fruitless mailing campaigns
  • No longer needs to manage a salesperson and keep them motivated
  • The high overhead of keeping a salesperson on staff is greatly reduced
  • Salesperson’s workspace is now freed up for higher productivity
  • Gets sales help “as needed” to even out workload peaks and valleys
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